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The 19th Annual Buick/Olds/Cadillac Race/Show Nationals at Norwalk Raceway July 24, 2016

NEW IN 2016

We are inviting our cousins "Buick" and "Cadillac" to join us.

We will continue the Powder Puff Race

The KOH Race will be discontinued

Any Buick/Olds/Cadillac body with any engine

Any body with a Buick/Olds/Cadillac engine

Sunday Race, Car show, Swap meet, Manufacturers midway, car coral.

Gates open at 8:00 am.

Time trials begin at 9:00 am.

Powder Puff Eliminations at 12 Noon. Round Robin
Q-16 1st Round Eliminations at 12 Noon
All Other Eliminations at 1:00 PM. 

Co-drivers allowed in all classes. The rider must use the same safety equipment as the driver. All cars must pass NHRA technical inspection as controlled by Summit Motorsports Park officials. If you have any questions about being legal call Summit Motorsports Park at (419-668-5555).

Quick 16 (The fastest 8 Buicks door cars will run the fastest 8 Olds door cars)

Sponsored by :

Entry Fee $75.00

Win $700.00

R/U $300.00

Semi = $75.00

Non qualifiers can run Super/Pro at no additional cost. No refunds.

Super Pro (0 to 12.99 - delay box allowed)

Sponsored by :

Entry Fee $60.00 : 1st round buy-backs $35.00

Win = $700

R/U = $300

Semi = $75

Quarters = $50

Pro (0 to 16.99 - no delay box) 

Sponsored by :

Entry Fee $40.00 : 1st round buy backs $25.00

Win = 700

R/U = $300

Semi = $75

Quarters = $50.00

Stock (no electronics, no open headers, no slicks)

Sponsored by :

Entry Fee $25.00

Win = Trophy

R/U = Trophy

Semi = Trophy

Powder Puff (No delay Box) 

Sponsored by :

Entry Fee $15.00

Win = Trophy

R/U = Trophy

Semi = Trophy


Sponsored by :

Entry Fee $25.00

This is a judged car show using an independent judging staff with no bias to club affiliation or make or model. All cars will be judged on body, paint, chrome, engine department, interior, undercarriage and trunk compartment.

1 1900-63 all Buick/Olds body
2 1964-69 all Buick/Olds body
3 1970-72 all Buick/Olds body
4 1973-77 all Buick/Olds body
5 1978-88 all Buick/Olds body
6 Front wheel drive Buick/Olds body
7 Suv's and mini vans Buick/Olds body
8 1900-1967 modified Buick/Olds body
9 1968-present modified Buick/Olds body
10 1900-1967 street stock Buick/Olds body
11 1968-present street stock Buick/Olds body
12 un-restored Buick/Olds body
13 beater class Buick/Olds body

All show car classes will be kept to around 8 to 12 cars. First and second place trophies will be awarded. If a class has less than 8 cars it may be combined with the next appropiate class. As the show gets larger, or if a large group of cars turn out for a particular class, classes will be broken into more group years or hardtop vs convertible, etc.

The show field will be laid out by class, year, make and model. The manufacturers, vendors, and the car corral will also have a designated area.

Sunday Admission Prices :

Manufacture midway $75.00

Vendor Spaces Any Size $75.00 Includes 1 Admission

Used Car Coral Spot $30.00

Spectator Admission $15.00

Chrildren Under 10 $5.00